The search for a new home: from the old to the new

Four interviews and 20 trains later you’d think that I’d be bored of travelling, but I’m not. I am bored of trains though.

I’m currently searching for a job in journalism and whilst I love my home in Kent, I am definitely looking to relocate.

From Newark to Scarborough to Penrith to London I have covered much of the country in just four days.

It started however, with a weekend in Reading with my boyfriend’s friends.

Despite a delayed train, the journey from London Waterloo to Bracknell was beautiful. The London/Surrey border is beautiful with some lovely little towns and villages.

In particular I would love to spend more time in Staines and Virginia Water as there’s only so much you can see from a train.

Virginia Waters
One day I will visit Virginia Waters in Surrey. Photo credit: Len Williams

The journey was a perfect calm before a storm.

The next week would see me hit the ground running and it was nice to start off slowly.

A weekend away was exactly what I needed after excessive alone time as I tried to juggle a dissertation and job hunting.

The weekend was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Reading and I even had a chance to start sorting out my Premier League fantasy football team which was a relief.

So the chaos started on Monday. At this point I had travelled from Reading to Scotter, where my boyfriend’s parents live.

My interview on Monday was in Newark, which is in the East Midlands around 10 miles outside of Nottingham.

© Copyright Peter Tarleton Newark Castle
A stunning view of Newark Castle. Photo credit: Peter Tarleton

I’d never been there before but of course I had seen photos on Google images as well as doing a cheeky property search.

I didn’t get to see much of the market town but the surrounding areas were lovely. The job itself would be located just outside of Newark in the beautiful Nottinghamshire countryside.

I could definitely see myself living there and there are so many nearby towns and places to explore. Perfect for my blog.

A big tick for location number one.

So Tuesday was my second interview and this time I had a long day of travelling to Yorkshire.

My lovely boyfriend made my journey much easier by driving me all the way to Doncaster station, which left me with only a two hour trip up to Scarborough.

Yorkshire Countryside
Seamer, North Yorkshire, is surrounded by miles of countryside.

I was very intrigued about this interview having spent a lot of my childhood holidays in a village not too far from Scarborough called Robin Hoods Bay.

This was the only place on my travels that I was familiar with and I was feeling giddy about going back.

Unfortunately due to my tight schedule I didn’t have a chance to visit Robin Hoods Bay. In Fact, I didn’t get even get to go into Scarborough.

The interview was in Seamer, which had a lovely stretch of countryside surrounding it. Again, there were many villages surrounding Scarborough where I could see myself living.

I could have so much fun with being by the coast.

But my time in Yorkshire was cut short. I had a five hour journey to get to Penrith for my third interview on Wednesday.

I left shortly after two, stopping in Leeds and Manchester on the way before arriving just after 7pm in Penrith.

Lake District
A view of the Lake District in Cumbria.

What can I say about Penrith? Absolutely stunning. The Cumbrian countryside was the best I’d seen and I had no idea how close to Scotland it was.

Travelling through the Lake District was absolutely beautiful and that is somewhere I definitely want to spend more time.

The interview itself was in Carlisle, a city that seemed quite intriguing.

What frustrated me most about the whole trip was that everywhere I went was just a fleeting visit and Carlisle was the same.

I never got a chance to explore. Luckily for me, my Aunt lives in Penrith and I was able to spend a few nights with her before coming back to Kent on Thursday.

The whole trip opened my eyes to the possibilities and opportunities that are available to me.

I managed to return to a place of childhood memories as well as visiting places I had never been to before.

It might have been a tiring trip but it was certainly useful.

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