30-Day Ab Challenge – let’s put my fitness to the test

So, I have never been one for paying attention to fitness. Likewise, I have never paid attention to what I eat.

I am naturally slim and am lucky enough to be able to eat what I want without putting on weight.

But you get to a point where you realise it’s not healthy. I don’t necessarily need to watch what I eat but I should have a balanced diet. I should make sure I exercise regularly.

I’m asthmatic and at the moment it’s not under control. This makes running difficult.

So when I contemplated the couch to 5k that I have attempted about six times, I decided I wasn’t going to push it.

That will be my next challenge.

30-day Ab Challenge
A 30-day Ab Challenge I found online.

But to start with I am going to do the 30-Day Ab Challenge.

It will give me some core strength and hopefully improve my posture.

Like the couch to 5k I have attempted this before, and have got further. But my life is consistently boring at the moment and I have both the time and the space to succeed, I hope.

I am using one I found online. The first few days don’t look too difficult as I know I am alright at planking.

But like I said, I have such little fitness this is going to be a big challenge for me.

Half the challenge will be actually completing it. I want to get better at completing things.

I can only hope that I feel a difference at the end.

Here’s to trying.


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