How I take care of my eczema in hot weather

I’ve had eczema all my life and over the years I’ve had times where it has got really bad.

When I was a child I had it all over my body but nowadays it seems confined to the insides of my arms and the back of my legs.

Summer is always a difficult time for me to manage my eczema, with the heat causing so many problems.

This summer has been particularly hot in England and I’ve put together a few pointers that helped me get through the worst of it.


So it may sound disgusting to suggest showering less, especially in weather that leads to regular sweating, but hear me out.

While sweat can irritate the skin, hot showers dry up the skin. For those of us with eczema this is already a problem.

For skin that is already dry you can see why hot showers might cause problems.

Instead, I often opt for a shower every three days during the warm weather – don’t worry I stay clean, bear with me.

So the days that I shower I keep the temperature lower than I would normally like it.

This summer it wasn’t that hard as the warm weather made me crave cold showers daily.

The other days I would alternate between salt baths, which are good for eczema healing and are extremely painful, and using a soft sponge to clean myself as not to irritate my skin.

Just for clarification, my eczema was very bad this summer, although now it’s a lot better, I had to be more extreme than I normally would.

You have to find what works for you. Most summers just cold showers would work but I had to be more adventurous this year.


It’s important anyway to drink plenty of fluids during hot weather because you’re more likely to dehydrate.

For those of us that have eczema it’s even more important.

On days where I don’t drink enough it become immediately clear as my skin starts to dry up all round my body, particularly under my eyes.

Whilst any fluid is good, water is natural and very useful for eczema.

I have never been good at drinking water and it’s noticeable when I am taking my time to have the required amount.

My eczema not only improves but my skin is clearer and softer, so I guess this is useful for anyone who wants to improve their skin not just those with eczema.

3. FAN

I’m not talking about your Twitter followers or readership. No, I’m talking about the electric skinny things we use in summer to cool ourselves down.

If you don’t already own one it’s definitely worth the investment. In our house at home we each have a fan that we take round the house with us to cool down during the hot weather.

Trying to keep your skin cool in humid weather is very difficult. Fans are perfect for this and you can buy them really cheaply online.

At night, even without eczema issues it can be difficult to get to sleep. Opening windows when it’s cooler inside than out won’t solve the issue but fans will.

Basically, go buy a fan!

4. How to take care of eczema in hot weatherSKIN CARE PRODUCTS

I’m not big on products. The only ones I use are to aid my eczema.

When I get round to it I will probably do a separate post about all the products that have worked for me.

But for now, sticking with the theme of the blog post, when it comes to summer I use moisturiser more than any other time of year.

My favourite to use is Aveeno. I am OBSESSED with Aveeno. I have Aveeno shampoo, conditional, moisturiser, baby oil. You name it, I use it.

You can buy Aveeno over the counter and it’s a great product for keeping your skin from getting dry.

The best time to apply moisturiser on your eczema/dry skin is straight after your shower when your still damp.

As soon as you let your skin get dry then you’re fighting an uphill battle.

The key is to avoid skin drying up.

One comment

  1. I suffer with terrible eczema too and, like you, it was everywhere when I was a child. Strangely, I’d never thought about how drinking less water could affect it and that’s probably something I need to work on. I use something else now but I am also a big fan of Aveeno, it’s lovely!


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