How to survive without Internet and a TV licence

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I moved into my new flat this week and I won’t get Wi-Fi until Saturday.

Without a TV license or Wi-Fi I wondered how I’d get through the week.

It’s only five days but believe me that’s a long time without internet.

Normally when I am bored I will put on Netflix or browse YouTube. Often I like to multitask and will be working with the television on in the background but no sir, not this week.

With my partner not moving in until we get internet (because he needs it for work) I am stuck here on my own.

I say it as if I do nothing all day, which is incorrect. I do have a full-time job which has me out of the house between 8.30am and 5.30pm but that still leaves the whole evening.

So what have I been doing to get through the dark ages?


So I have reconnected with my old passion for reading.

With the days of internet I have forgotten how much I loved reading and I have had a whole pile of books stacked up to read so I have taken my chance this week to get cracking with them.

I am hopeful that my reading will continue and I may set myself a target to make sure that I do keep it up.

It’s a great way to escape and get yourself away from technology and can often be a good distraction from reality.

But if you’re not keen on reading I have other suggestions, do not fear.


I stupidly promised some friends last weekend after they completed the Great North Run that I’d do it next year and I plan to keep to my word.

I decided to join a gym to help build up my fitness, so I guess you might see a few fitness blog posts in the future.

I have asthma so exercise isn’t easy for me but I have a plan to build it up slowly and I have a year to run 13 miles.

I’m also off on holiday in a month’s time so I am hoping to get myself in some sort of shape for that.

I think with exercising it’s really good to have a motivation or goal, otherwise you won’t keep going and the half marathon is mine.

It’s also great for your mental health and keeping your body in shape.

But if you don’t like reading and you don’t like exercising then I have another suggestion


There is no particular reason why I am so specific with this other than the fact that I have a PlayStation 2 with me.

I might not have a television license but I do have my partner’s TV with me here so I have been able to go back in time and play some of my favourite games growing up like SSX Tricky or Burnout.

Of course if you have a PS4 or an Xbox or any other control then that will do.

But if you haven’t got any consoles and you don’t like my previous suggestions that I have one final idea.


So it may sound really basic but I’ve just moved to a new area so I’ve enjoyed walking around the place and getting to know where I am living.

I am a five-minute walk from the centre of town and two minutes from a river so there’s plenty to do and plenty to see.

Sometimes it’s nice to get fresh air and sometimes I want to go and see something specific.

It gets me out of the house and gives me a chance to cheat and hook onto a café or pub’s Wi-Fi.

It’s also easy to do. You don’t need anything other than yourself to do it.

Alternatively if you can drive and have access to a car then maybe going for a drive in your local area.

Drive to the shops, or round the countryside, whatever floats your boat really.

I think escapism is important and however you chose to do that is great so long as it works for you.

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